What you need to see at Nuit Blanche 2016

This weekend the arts are taking over the city as Nuit
Blanche lands in Toronto in full force. Taking place from 7 p.m. on Saturday Oct 1
to 7 a.m. Oct 2 this celebration of art includes 90 installations scattered
around the city. Whether you plan on sticking it out throughout the night or
heading out for a few hours, here are some installations you can’t miss.


Located at the Church of the Holy Trinity is David Rokeby’s
interactive installation that is invisible at first sight; however as you walks
into it the installation comes alive. An image of an object begins to be projected
on your skin as you move through.

New Project? ?

Montreal artist, Rebecca Belmore, is debuting a new
performance piece inside Walker Court at the AGO. Belmore is world renowned
multi-disciplinary artist with international acclaim and received the Govenor
General’s Award in Visual Arts.

Literature vs.

Brought to you by the anonymous collective Luzinterruptus
from Madrid Spain this installation features piles of donated books laid out
like a river of books floating at Old City Hall.

White lanes

This massive sculpture is completely made out of lit up
buckets that you can walk around and explore. This installation by New Yorker,
Jason Peters, will be on display at The Drake.


Julie C. Fortier brings her expertise in perfumery and
visual arts to this installation that allows locals to smell the different
scents of Toronto. This olfactory installation is located at 33 Harbour Square.

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