2017′s epic movie lineup

All the movies you’ve been waiting for are now here (well, almost all). Loaded with new thrillers and sequels, 2017’s movie lineup is bound to have you in theatres every other week. Here are some must-see titles.



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It is horror? NO! More like an intense psychological thriller. Kevin (James McAvoy) struggles with dissociative identity disorder and lives with 24 different personalities – one still unknown. Led to abduct three girls, Kevin struggles to keep his personalities at bay, while his victims try to escape the terror.

Releasing: Friday, January 20, 2017

The Space Between Us


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Now we can’t forget a romance title out of the must-see list. This one is bound to have you in your feelings the whole way through. Imagine being born and raised in space for 16 years, only ever interacting with a limited number of people in your lifetime. That’s how life was for Elliot (Asa Butterfield) until taking his first adventure to earth. Overwhelmed at first, Elliot befriends a girl he met online (from space) to help him discover the realities of how he came to be. But like any good romance, there’s a plot twist! And for that, you’ll just have to hit the theatre.

Release date: Friday, February 3, 2017

Beauty and the Beast


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Disney’s back at it again with the classic fairytale release. This time with Emma Watson playing Princess Belle, who is trapped in a castle with the beast, and eventually falls in love – obviously not for looks. Nothing beats the original animation, but this remake sure looks like it’ll be box office gold.

Releasing: Friday, March 17, 2017

The Fate of the Furious


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Another one? Yes, the Fast and Furious franchise continues. Just when we thought all the battles were settled in the 7th movie. Everyone is living the ‘normal’ life now but Dom turns for the worse it seems. It’s a matter of getting him back from the dark side of crime and reminding him which side he belongs on.

Release date: Friday, April 14, 2017

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


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History never looked better. Charlie Hunnam plays Arthur in this action packed adventure of reclaiming one’s true title. Who knew pulling a sword from the stone would cause vast amounts of chaos?

Release date: Friday, May 12, 2017

Wonder Woman


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Daughter of Zeus and Princess of the Amazons – Wonder Woman finally has her own movie. She’s just as powerful and popular as her male counterparts in the Justice League. Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman is definitely one of DC’s best character match ups following Ben Affleck in Batman.

Releasing: Friday, June 2, 2017

#TheVOCABLounge Tweets of the Night

imageThe VOCAB Lounge volunteers from Humber PR and Centennial College PR.

The fifth annual Art of Music Video and The VOCAB Lounge took place on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at King Blue and it was a blast! The place was packed with artists, actors, and media, and influencers.?

The official hashtag of the night was #AoMV5 (Art of Music Video) and #TheVOCABLounge.

Here’s what people had to say on #TheVOCABLounge:


Spreading the Summer Goodness at Brand Momentum

Chrissy Newton and Jessica Glover leaving their mark on Brand Momentum’s inspiration wall.

Brand Momentum held their Summer Goodness party to celebrate their new office which they moved and a completely new design that makes their employees feel more inspired. The Summer Goodness party was intended for Brand Momentum’s clients, staff, media, and people in the Mississauga community.

The Summer Goodness party featured an inspiration wall where guests can leave their mark with paint. The delicious food was catered by?Prince Japanese Steakhouse, Spoon and Fork and The Cheese Boutique, followed by an ice cream truck for dessert. Everyone relaxed outside in the Canadian Club tent while listening to DJ Romeo and live performances from recording artist Melanie Durrant and Veronica.

Check out more pictures from the Brand Momentum Summer Goodness on the VOCAB Communications Facebook page.


Introducing VOCAB @tusharbharadia


Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Tushar Bharadia (@tusharbharadia) and I am a current post-grad corporate communications & public relations (CCPR) student at Toronto’s Centennial College.?I started my own music blog called Heroin Tracks?in 2010 which focuses on the latest and hottest in hip-hop and R&B.?The way I made my website stand out from the rest was with my Heroin Tracks: Get To Know interviews which features hidden talents.?I have also worked with?Roots Canada?by being apart of their digital marketing team.?I engaged with thousands of fans and customers on Roots Canada’s social media accounts.

I joined VOCAB Communications as an intern because I wanted to take the new skills that I’ve learned from CCPR and apply it to a real life agency. With VOCAB’s clients ranging from lifestyle, business, entertainment, and not-for-profit, I can get the proper experience and exposure to help me excel in the PR world. I hope to improve in my writing, help plan and execute events, and build relationships with the media.

For the next two months, I will be blogging, tweeting, facebooking about PR and social media on VOCAB’s Tumblr and social media accounts. If you’re lucky, you might see me at a VOCAB event with @MissVOCAB ??


VOCAB on the Road: Summer Goodness Invites


Yesterday, the VOCAB Communications team was on the road hand delivering special invitations to the media. With the beautiful sunshine beaming down on Toronto, it made the adventure that much enjoyable!

The invitations are for the?Brand Momentum?Summer Goodness party. The above picture shows how the special?invitations?were put together with a simple but creative idea by the VOCAB team.

Hand delivering invitations to an event is a nice personal touch because it shows that you care and appreciate the person you are inviting to your event. It’s also a good way to get?familiar?where all the major media outlets are located around the city.


The VOCAB team made stops to the Mississauga News, CMA Magazine, National Post, Rogers, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Strategy Magazine.


The 2nd annual Right to Play Charity Ball

imageLeft to right: George Sully, Jeremy Singer, Chrissy Newton, Justin Edmead, and Jen Kirsch

The 2nd annual Right to Play Charity Ball, took place on May 10, 2013, at the Shangri-La Hotel. During the charity gala, DJ Tony Okungbowa (from the Ellen Degeneres Show) provided the soundtrack throughout the night.

Guests included Kardinal Offishall, Glenn Lewis, Director X, Rosie MacLennan (2012 Olympic Gold medalist for trampoline), and of course our very own Chrissy Newton.

Check out more pictures from The 2nd annual Right to Play Charity Ball on Best of Toronto.


Spotlight on Nadia Bashir

imageCommitted, beautiful inside and out, multit-asker and overall team player, our Nadia Bashir from VOCAB Communications is a blooming PR professional in the works.

When I first interviewed Nadia for a intern position at VOCAB, I could tell right from her first sentence explaining past education experience, (she had me at Hello. Hahaha) I know she was going to fit into VOCAB like an old shoe. After our 30-minute interview, I asked Nadia to attend one of VOCAB Communications client events to demonstrate what type of work we do a VOCAB.

That was a test!

I do this with most of my inspiring interns that want to work at VOCAB Communications. I ask them to attend a VOCAB event to see how bad they want it. I need to see the fire, the urge, the feeling that they would do anything for a chance to learn about the profession.

Nadia passed the test with flying colours!

I remember the day clear as yesterday. Nadia showed up after a long day of working at a pervious job and was all smiles. At that point in time when Nadia came over to say hi, I was running around talking to sponsors and getting ready to wrap things up. Now instead of Nadia just looking around and becoming a wallflower, she started up a conversation with the people around her, one of those people being Tony from Gafas Optical Shop.

Ding, Ding! Second test past! PR people are not wallflowers! We make the best out of any situation, generally that means by connecting with others.

Nadia stayed until the end of the night and then asked me if I needed help cleaning up.

Ding, Ding! Third test past! “Full hands in and full hands out” – there is always something that needs to be done at an event.

The following day I sent Nadia an email saying I would love to have her part of the VOCAB Communications team. That was over a year ago now. Since that day Nadia has grown leaps and bounds! No longer being an intern at VOCAB Communications, Nadia is now a coordinator and one of my favorite people to work with (pssst…just don’t tell her that! Heheh).