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A Culinary Journey (the start)

" It's not the perfect and the most amazing industry you imagine it to be and most of the people leave it within a year, It should be more of a hobby than a goal," said every one to a 15 year old obsessed with the idea of food and cooking even though I was taught from the beginning that the only respectable and prestigious positions which will give me a good place in the society are as an engineer or a doctor. Every time I talked about being a chef, my father told me it's something people do when they're not smart enough or don't have any other option, As one would expect from a typical conservative Indian family but the best thing about being a kid is you don't let all that bull crap get to you and the funniest thing would be to classify everything you don't agree with as bull-crap. One does not stay a kid forever, and as time went by I gave in to the pressure and decided to pursue engineering as decided by my father. After almost a year of trying and