Calgary Man Recreates Disney’s?“Up” in Real Life

Daniel Boria might just be a genius. Who thinks of something like this? After months of planning, skydiving lessons, studying wind patterns, $20 on a lawn chair, 120 6-foot balloons, and $12,000 on helium, he found himself floating over his city for more than 20 minutes.

As PR specialists, we’re inclined to believe this was a PR stunt. Probably the coolest one ever.

Boria did admit to wanting to raise awareness for Stampede, his product cleaning company, when he said the plan was to land his chair on Stampede grounds.

Of course, with a contraption that can’t be steered, for everything to go exactly as planned would’ve been nothing short of a miracle. So when Boria floated over and past Stampede grounds…he jumped.

I think now would be a good time to mention that he didn’t just hop on his lawn chair, waving goodbye to his friends and family, and fly away without taking the necessary precautions. Boria armed himself with a parachute strapped to his back, a GPS and an oxygen tank, just in case.

Boria flung himself out of his chair and opened his parachute, and landed as best he could near Highfield Boulevard S.E., about a kilometre southeast of his preferred landing spot, suffering little more than an ankle injury. His chair was later found in High River, along with some balloons. The rest are probably still floating somewhere over Calgary.

Ironically enough, Boria was placed in custody upon landing, going from total freedom to confinement in just hours. He was released the next morning with only a mischief charge, seeing as there is no explicit law that states that one shall not float over a city in a chair suspended by giant helium balloons.

Boria may have spent a small fortune on this whole ordeal, but even still, he describes it as the most relaxing yet frightening experience of his life. Oh, and mission accomplished. A lot more people than just the citizens of Calgary now know about Stampede.