Nature Box: The Snack Delivery Service

Honestly, will we ever have to leave our homes again. It seems our world is gradually, and in some cases quickly, heading to a society that lives off of deliveries. We’ve spoken before about how Amazon now ships millions of articles of clothing right to your doorstep, and how you can even get your haircut in your own home. But there’s more folks.

Let me introduce Nature Box to your lives. Much like grocery delivery services, Nature Box brings you food. But this isn’t fast food or groceries, but instead it’s a box full of snacks. No more trips to the corner store to buy a bag of unhealthy chips.

I just got my first Nature Box delivery and I was pleasantly surprised to see what was inside. My two favourites were the Jalapeno Cashews and the Blueberry Almonds. The spicy cashews were gone in seconds. Serioulsy, seconds. The blueberry taste to the almonds is exactly what I needed to get past the sawdust taste almonds leave in my mouth.

I highly recommend trying Nature Box out yourself. You can grab a one month free trial where they will send you a random assortment of snacks. Once you try them all out you can decide if you would like to continue the snack subscription. Trust me, you love this.

You’re trying to focus but you can’t help but wonder about the dozens of arrows whistling through the air as they narrowly miss you. You pull back your own arrow and take aim, but that dash to the front lines has winded you and it’s difficult to keep a steady hand. Deep breaths. You’re ready. You draw back your arrow, take aim and let it fly. Crack! Direct hit.

Okay, so maybe all of the arrows are actually padded, and the person you just shot is your friend, and this is actually just a PG version of the Hunger Games; but it’s fun nonetheless.

Archers Arena and it’s 8000 square foot archery tag facility sounds awesome. The price is about $25 per person and it gets you a half hour practice session and an hour in the arena. Once the match begins everyone suddenly lets their inner Katniss Everdeen loose. Alliances are forged, enemies are made, and friendships are broken. But like I said before, it’s fun nonetheless.

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The Age of the Strategic Consumer

We can all get a little too excited when our favourite retail stores have major sales. In fact, 91 per cent of Canadians admit they receive “great happiness” from a good sale or discount. However, nearly half of those consumers don’t think they’re always saving money when things go on sale. Instead, these consumers believe prices are inflated in order to make them appear cheaper when a discount is applied to the price.

Retailers can blame this new train of thought on the internet. Darn internet; making people think about things and stuff. Consumers are now constantly comparing prices, and sharing the patterns they see with each other via social media. This has given rise to a new ‘strategic consumer.’

This is putting a lot of pressure on retailers to become more transparent with their pricing. Some are even attempting to put a set of sophisticated analytical technology in place that can adjust pricing to ensure the right price is set at the right time for the right consumer. This is a system that has already been put in place by other companies like airlines or hotel chains.

It will be interesting to see what else the retail industry will do in order to better adjust for this new breed of ‘strategic consumers.’

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An Influencer’s Influence

More and more marketers and PR professionals are looking at partnering with influencers as a primary strategy in their campaigns. According to a recent study, influencers are “a particularly effective tool for boosting a brand’s notoriety and, to a lesser degree, to generate leads and increase customer loyalty.

Now let’s backtrack a little. What is an influencer exactly? Well it’s actually pretty simple. It’s someone who influences others and their decision making. Oh, and they also need a large social media following. I mean, how influential are you really if no one is listening to you?

Now this is a great strategy. We as consumers are very skeptical of products these days. And yet, if someone we routinely listen to on their blog or twitter feed says a product is great, we’re going to trust them.

Twitter: Constantly Evolving

Rather than a platform for you to share your life with the world, Twitter may become more of a tool for customer service. I remember when Twitter first came around; Solely used to just let your friends, and the rest of the world know what you were doing. It was also a way to keep up with the lives of those you admire. But then it slowly became a place for catching up on news. In fact, I always turn to twitter for news these days. But now Twitter, through its Direct Messages (DMs), has become the optimum space for you to receive customer service.

DMs have always been restricted to 140 characters, just like an actual public tweet. Well that has changed. Starting in July, DMs will allow you to have up to 10, 000 characters. A little overkill in my opinion but brand managers are seeing it as a great opportunity.

Now brands can deliver exceptional customer service via Twitter. When they DMs were limited to just 140 characters, it was difficult for a brand to give a customer a proper answer. But now that they have 10, 000 characters to work with in their DMs, brands are more than capable to give their customers informative answers.

We are quickly nearing an age where we will never have to leave our homes. Groceries are delivered to us, Amazon will be sending drones to our doors with whatever we need, and now hair stylists will come to you.

Thanks to the new Toronto start up Cutdle, we can now have our hair done at our convenience in our own homes. Yay! No more missing appointments because of traffic!

Much like the popular app Uber, Cutdle acts as a platform that connects stylists with customers and books an appointment without the need for a salon space.

The prices are pretty standard, ranging from $15 to $50. Colouring starts at $45 and rises based on the nature of the work required. You also pay for the cut at the same time as you book the appointment to ensure there are no surprises when the stylists arrives.

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Try it out yourself at

Canadian singer Alexandria hits the right notes with recipe and run tips.

OPINION: Are Retail Stores in Trouble?

Amazon has brought clothes and shoes to their massive Canadian line up of products. You can now expect to find items from brands like Levi’s, French Connection, Timberland and Puma. This my friends, may be the beginning of the end for retail stores.

This year alone has been full of store closures. Look at Sony for example who is closing all retail locations. And don’t forget how Target has retreated back to whence they came.

Will clothing retailers begin to struggle now that Amazon brining 1.5 million clothing items to its online shelfs? Well they may already be in a bad place. In an earlier blog post we mentioned how millennials are starting to settle with sharing and renting things, rather than buying them. It also doesn’t help that Amazon will be addressing the biggest issue people have when shopping for clothes online: the difficulty of returning an item. Amazon will be offering free shipping and free returns on eligible items, making customers less hesitant to purchase something that might not fit.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the next few years. Will retail stores continue to dominate the market or will online businesses like Amazon slowly chip away at their profits.