It’s #ThirstyThursday ! Perfect time to celebrate the launch of the NEW Brickworks Ciderhouse cider, Queen St. 501… named after Toronto’s own vintage Queen 501 streetcar!?

Head to Betty’s pub, Scotland Yard, Dukes Refresher or The Firkin, to taste this amazing craft cider brewed right in the heart of the city!

“Like a true rockstar, John Orpheus threw his shades into the crowd.”?

So imagine you arrive at the Apollo theatre in Kitchener. Performance and installation art by friends and cast from the film fills the theatre. You go and grab a popcorn and a beer, nice combo by the way, and take your seat in preparation for the film. The lights dim you’re suddenly immersed into a world of police brutality and a publicity stunt that goes horribly wrong. Want to know what went wrong? Well you should’ve been there to see it yourself. VOCAB was!?

So the film ends, you applaud and get ready to go. No wait! Sit back down. John’s headed to the stage. Probably to say thanks right. No! He just jumps into pop/rock concert and the crowd is loving it, and probably spilling a good deal of popcorn too.

John tosses his shades into the crowd like a true rockstar as he jumps to song after song from his album, including an amazing performance of his track “Soul of the City” alongside a violinist. The night is truly one to remember.?

Lol, it’s almost over guys! #Mondays

So YouTube is basically becoming the new medium to absorb specialty
TV, and Bell Media has noticed. During a three month effort, Bell has gathered
together an impressive roster of 13 YouTubers to join their new Multi-Channel
Network (MCN). Combine the group of YouTuber’s subscribers and you get a solid
1.4 million. Not bad. But not great either. It sure is nothing compared to the
MCN Maker Studios’ 90 million subscribers. But then again, Maker achieved that
with 55, 000 YouTubers, which is the opposite strategy Bell wants to use.

See, Bell Media wants to see their MCN grow, but only to an
extent. They keep the number small enough so they can still give real opportunities
to all of its affiliates. The true goal here is to be able to use each YouTuber
to further the Much Music experience.

“We were really looking for a
diverse group in terms of interests and background to represent Canadian youth
and the legacy of Much,” said Stockman to Marketing Magazine.

And this is exactly what they’ve achieved. YouTubers
like comedian Jus Reign (500,000 subscribers) and beauty vlogger Melissa Mark
(300,000 subscribers) and musician Dan Talevsky (94,000 subscribers)
have all been signed on. This gives a wide range of entertainment for Bell to
deliver and keeps true to the Much Music vibe.

It’ll be interesting to see what other major players start to
adopt Bell’s strategy. In my opinion this strategy is becoming the way to go.
People don’t care to be told what to like anymore, that is unless they’re told
by someone they trust, insert YouTube personality.

He started in Trinidad and Tobago, found his way to Brooklyn for high school, then the Kitchener/Waterloo region for University. Through his journey, John Orpheus was exposed to many forms of music. So it’s no surprise that he started working with local musicians in the KW area. Creating Canadian Top 40 Rock hit ‘This is Not a Test’ and touring Europe alongside Beady Eye are just a couple of John’s accomplishments. But he’s not done yet.

Tomorrow is the debut for the long anticipated film ‘John Orpheus is Dead.’ Guests at the Apollo Cinema will be immersed into a world of both performance and installation art, as well as a John Orpheus pop concert alongside the film.

‘John Orpheus is Dead’ is about pop culture, police brutality, and the power of a good publicity stunt. When a young activist is killed by police, her best friend Valerie sets out to make sure her death is not forgotten.

In comes John Orpheus, a glossy pop-star who represents everything Valerie despises. The film tells the story of the media-fueled collision between Valerie and John Orpheus. As the internet gossip spins out of control, John’s management and Valerie try to spin the media machine to their own causes with tragic results.

Check out the trailer here:

Doors open @ 8:00PM

Film screening @ 9:00PM

Purchase Tickets @ or the Apollo Cinema Box Office

2015 Ever After Music Festival with headliners: Diplo, Zeds Dead + Waka Flocka

Today is the first ever National Caesar Day! It doesn’t get any more Canadian that that! This is real, there’s even a website:?

Grocery Stores Understand Me

Millennials. The generation that many call lazy, entitled, and who expect to get everything they want, when they want it. Now being a millennial myself, I would be inclined to argue with you, but I do find that last one rather familiar. In fact, grocery ?stores like Longo’s and Whole Foods are changing their business models solely to fit this millennial quality.

For nearly 11 years, Longo’s has operated something called Grocery Gateway. This is a rather amazing service that brings your groceries straight to your front door. Gone have the days of us lazy millennials having to venture out into the world to find food for nourishment!

But seriously, this venture of Longos just keeps getting better. Last month they began to deliver beer, wines and spirits as well, that is as long as you spend $45 dollars before taxes on food.

Yes! Now I can have a couple of 501 Streetcar ciders delivered to me rather than have to ride a streetcar to grab them myself. Okay, so I’m starting to see why you may think we’re lazy…

Anyway, the point is that Longo’s really has earned the respect of us Millennials with their convenient grocery delivery service, but they’re not the only ones.

Whole Foods recently announced that they’re planning to open a new chain of stores that target millennials. This chain is hoping to offer us all the organic/natural options we could ever hope for.

Whole Foods has already proven themselves more than capable of doing so with last years program which ranked produce and flowers by their environmental impact.

So Whole Foods will offer us everything we want, and Longo’s will give it to us when we want it. Combine the two and you essentially have the netflix of food! Wait, does that mean I’ll be up all night flipping through options of what to eat for dinner?