This past Sunday, the biggest movie stars made their way to Hollywood for the Oscars 2015. Neil Patrick Harris hosted the festivities as the nominated films of 2014 took center stage. Here are our favorite moments!

1. “Birdman” cleans up and leaves the 12 year production, “Boyhood” with only one win.

Despite a rocky start to awards season, “Birdman” won the academy over as the film won the top prize of the night, Best Picture. In total, the film walked away with four Oscars, including Best Director for Alejandro González I?árritu. “Birdman” beat out one of the top contenders that topped the most “Best of 2014” lists this past year, “Boyhood.” However, Patricia Arquette ended up taking home and Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role as the main character’s mother in “Boyhood”.

2. Political statements in acceptance speeches

Many winners decided that acceptance speeches are the perfect time to share their political beliefs with the world. Patirica Arquette, winner of Best Supporting Actress for “Boyhood,” shared her thoughts about wage equality for women. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and women’s right for everyone in America,” said Arquette. Graham Moore, winner of Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Imitation Game,” stressed the importance of suicide awareness as well as LGBT rights. “Stay weird. Stay different,” said Moore. Other topics brought up throughout the night were veteran suicide as well immigration rights, which sparked controversy when Sean Penn made a green card joke in reference to his friend, Alejandro González I?árritu. Right before he announced the final award of the night he opened the envelope and said “Who gave this son of a bitch his greencard?”

3. John Legend and Lady Gaga brought down the house!

The strongest musical moments of the night occurred in the form of two musical numbers by the team of John Legend and Common as well as a solo performance by Lady Gaga. John Legend and Common performed their Oscar winning song “Glory,” from the powerful film “Selma,” the story of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The inspirational performance was given a standing ovation and left some members of the crowd in tears, including the film’s star, David Oyelowo. The other performance of the night that had the Internet buzzing was Lady GaGa. Gaga sang a medley from “The Sound of Music” to celebrate the film’s 50-year anniversary. The original star of the film, Julie Andrews, came on to the stage shortly afterwards and thanked Lady Gaga for the performance.

4. Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious

Neil Patrick Harris has been called “the awards show guy” after having previously hosted the Tony Awards and the Primetime Emmys. The opening number “Moving Pictures,” was a strong start to the show for Harris as it included cameos from Anna Kendrick and Jack Black. His ode to “Birdman” by wearing white underwear onstage was comical, reenacting the actual scene from the movie leaving everyone laughing.?

Until next year, Oscar’s!

How Neil Patrick Harris prepares to host the Oscars

How Neil Patrick Harris prepares to host the Oscars

Finding “Love & Labels” in Toronto

Just like Carrie Bradshaw moved to NYC in search of love and labels, women are also moving to Toronto to experience a similar but Canadian city girl lifestyle. As the biggest city in Canada with over 5.5 million residents, it is common for people to compare Toronto with New York City. Our own version of the big apple is definitely growing, and the excitement and youthful energy continues to attract many different people. However, there is stress that comes with living in a large and lively city.

Let’s start with love: People are constantly on the go, moving from one place to the next… From the minute they get their morning coffee to when they leave their last meeting at end of day. Cities are breeding grounds for busy people who are focused on their careers,?and Toronto definitely promotes this way of living, from express snack shops to high speed public transportation. The only time anyone has a minute to themselves is when they are waiting for something, or someone… and even then they will be checking their Smartphones for the next appointment or worrying about deadlines. There is certainly no shortage of singles in Toronto, so how can you meet like-minded ones?

As winter rolls around try saying no to hibernation and try to embrace the cold! If you want a winter wonderland inspired kiss on the snowy streets of this city, enduring the weather will be worth the storybook moment. There is always skiing, snowboarding, or a romantic midnight skate in Nathan Phillips Square. For those less inclined to the frosty feeling, a warm cup of coffee is to be found at one the many cafes in downtown. Or, as a classic date icebreaker, have an old-fashioned game at The Ballroom – a bowling alley, restaurant and bar in one, to give you a fun and playful chance of meeting someone special.

Carrie is a true fashionista, and let’s face it, you aspire to be one. Although we later learned that in real life, one cannot simply afford a bachelor apartment in NYC and a new piece of Prada every month while writing a newspaper column… we still want to make it look like we have expensive taste. For stylish women living in a big city with a small town budget, it can be discouraging if you don’t look your best. Like breeds like… if you love yourself, you will attract the right kind of person for you. Thankfully, Toronto is home to many unique thrift stores. The common misconception of “thrifting” is that it’s old and dirty… but trust me, there are more options outside of Value Village. Pretty Freedom is one of the many adorable boutique thrift shops located downtown. It’s clean, classy, and the just the right amount of vintage, and has carried brands like Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic. The trick with any of these stores is to look… if you look deep enough, you’ll be surprised what you find. Take your girls with you, make it fun! Playing dress up at any age is acceptable.

Another fantastic perk of this city is that it loves its discount stores. If you aren’t into thrift, i’m sure you’ll find better luck at some of Toronto’s Premium Outlets. Located a little further outside the city, you’ll find exceptional brands at cheap prices, such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Fossil. Another great way to look for designer labels in Toronto is at consignment stores. Rare classics as well as noname labels can be found at one of the newest and classiest stores, VSP Consignment. With the look of a mini Holt Renfrew and the affordable prices, VSP is definitely somewhere you would find Carrie Bradshaw shopping.

Not being able to go shopping on the weekends can crush a woman, but not having any available credit left because you bought new Manolos each time you got dumped, is even more crushing. If you are ever watching Sex and the City and you suddenly feel like you are inadequate, always remember that there is no such thing as a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. The best you can do is create the best version of her using your own creativity and style, and begin the search for your own Mr. Big.


Super Bowl 2015 definitely became an instant classic!

At the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, 63,000 fans as well as millions more watching at home, stunned in anticipation for what they thought was going to be the first win for the Seattle Seahawks.

About two minutes to play, the Seattle Seahawks needed to make a game winning drive to win the superbowl, and ended up performing what will be known as one of the best and unlikely catches in super bowl history. They then appeared on the cusp of a second-straight title after Jermaine Kearse’s almost impossible catch.

Suddenly, in the fourth quarter with 20 seconds to play, an interception in the end zone ended the possible comeback and basically handed the New England Patriots their fourth win.

Seattle’s mind-bending decision to throw the ball from the one-yard line will go down in history as potentially “the worst play-call” of all time. Leaving audiences in amazement, the Patriots ended the game with a 28-24 victory that we will never forget.

Katy Perry also delivered a memorable performance at this year’s super bowl, with her surprise musical guest Missy Elliot. They both worked it!

Katy was super pumped throughout her entire performance, sending out very powerful vibes. The high energy continued with a special appearance from Lenny Kravitz, as the two sang a duet version of Katy’s own “I Kissed a Girl”.

And of course, a Katy Perry show isn’t complete without her famous “Firework” track, which literally lit up the stadium with a vibrant display of pyrotechnics, as Katy blasted off into the air as a shooting star. She absolutely killed it!