The cold month of January is coming to an end, but sadly that doesn’t mean the end of winter. We live in one of the greatest countries in the world; therefore we should be grateful for all that Canada brings… right?

Wrong. Not everyone loves a Canadian winter, mainly because the length is so uncertain… and checking our weather apps are not always a trusted source. Let’s face it, no one likes being miserable on account of the weather. Instead of jumping on the “I hate winter” band wagon, we should try to enjoy and embrace it… Instead of hibernating, we should be celebrating!

Warm Winter Fashion –?Layer! Layer! Layer!

Winter fashion can be fun – it can be the driving force to get you up and going on Monday morning, or the thing that keeps you in a curled up in bed under your covers. It’s easier than you think to bring the coziness and warmth to the office, or wherever it is your day takes you.

Layering is a crucial part of dealing with winter and also adds dimension to your outfits. It can definitely add something extra to a boring work wardrobe. We shouldn’t be letting this cold affect our personal style and comfort. We should be figuring out new ways to accessorize and finding a balance between fashion versus function. Next time you search your closet for what to wear, be sure to grab some long cardigans, some leg warmers and a snuggly scarf. Cold weather can’t stop us from dressing cute!

Indoor Exploring?

Fortunately Toronto offers some warm and visually pleasing venues that offer many different types of indoor activities. If you’re looking for something relaxing but entertaining, you can always warm your years at the Ed Mirvish Theatre and check out one of their award winning shows.It is definitely discouraging when you want to embark on some fun outdoor adventures during the winter months, like taking your pets for a walk or going to some of your favourite markets.

There’s also the option to enjoy the sounds of the symphony orchestra and graceful movements at The National Ballet of Canada, downtown Toronto. If you start to feel cooped?away from the cold, this will definitely add a touch of class and relieve you from your winter funk. Although some people choose to stay home often during winter, others may not even know of some exciting activities.

Warmth and Relaxation

Toronto’s own Park Hyatt Hotel in the heart of downtown, offers countless spa services to keep you pampered this winter when you feel like the frost is taking over your life! Their winter packages includes features such as essential Swedish massages for your overworked muscles, facials to hydrate and refresh your face and body exfoliations that soothe and replenish your dry winter skin. If you prefer a bit of a quieter atmosphere, travelling a bit east of the city will allow you to experience the bliss of St. Anne’s Spa, in Grafton. With numerous services like healing spa bundles to shiatsu massages there is no limit to your rest and relaxation. On second thought why not take advantage of their getaway packages that allow you to stay either a full day or overnight! Now that seems like the coziest way to keep warm this winter!

Winterlicious – Nom Nom Nom?

Of course keeping warm during our bitter winters requires us to indulge in warm, comforting savoury foods, that’s why Winterlicious was created! (We’re making that up – but it seems like a pretty good theory!) The city’s annual “prix fixe celebration” begins January 30 and continues till February 13 2015, with an abundance of popular Toronto restaurants that are committed to keeping your tummy happy this season!

Here’s how it works, participating restaurants will offer three course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus ranging from $18 to $45. Some new and noteworthy restaurants that are taking part this year include:

Cluny ?– Distillery District – French Cuisine

Luckee – Soho Metropolitan Hotel – Dim Sum

The Saint Tavern ?– Ossington Ave – American

Marben – Wellington and Portland – Modern Canadian with Spanish influences

Winterlicious also offers a series of ticketed events designed offer unique indulgences and to educate Torontonians on food facts they didn’t know before. BlogTO offers a detailed list of these events as well as all the participating restaurants and what to look out for. So bon appetit, and be sure to go dining with a friend so they can roll you out of the restaurant afterward!