The Sixth Annual VOCAB Celebrity and Gifting Lounge has Come and Gone

Hearts pounding, roars of laughter and great vibes – another Vocab Lounge has come and gone. What started as a morning that resembled a human beehive; volunteers rushing to fill gift bags with fabulous products, vendors setting up their stations and the PR ladies scurrying to finalize details, turned out to be yet another successful event.

The core sponsor this year being Mary Kay Cosmetics, a company created from one woman’s desire to enrich women’s lives, really set the tone of this years lounge with an atmosphere that paralleled the company’s image; vibrant, young and vivacious.? The new Mary Kay line is full of bright colours, bold looks that grant’s women the confidence to take their make-up to new heights. MK wouldn’t exclude the men – with the launch of the new MK Men line – the male guests were able to experience a range of new fragrances and skin care products created just for them.

All of the products showcased at the lounge catered to each of our five human senses; Taste: Sweet Sushi offered delicious Rice Krispie treats shaped as trendy sushi pieces. Smell: BrickWorks Cider filled the venue with the aroma of crisp apples that quenched the thirst of guests, multiples times. Sight: Kings of Past, a trendy sunglass retailer who’s vintage styles put guests eye’s at ease. Sound: DJ B Easy had the guests dancing from vendor to vendor with his Top 40 Hits, Reggae and Salsa sounds. Lastly, touch, Meet Me in Africa, a charity founded by Vocab’s Chrissy Newton touched the hearts of guests with its mission of creating a safe, nurturing and educational environment for an orphanage in Africa.

Other brands included the Perfect Fit, Luxe Box, Just Sultan, Banoo and many more.

The fun didn’t stop there. The venue was buzzing with media personalities, musicians and talent like Kardinall, Marianna’s Trench, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Sarah Fisher of Degrassi, to name a few.

The Vocab Lounge left every guest smiling, dancing and most importantly informed. This year’s vibe was infectious: the laughs, contagious. Needless to say, it was an amazing event that we look forward to host again next year.