Happy 146th Birthday Canada!


“Go have some doughnuts and coffee like a good Canadian!” –?Chrissy Newton, founder, VOCAB?Communications

t’s Canada’s 146th birthday on July 1st and The VOCAB team will be celebrating the whole weekend!

There will be fireworks and events going on all over Canada, so check your local news to see what’s happening. Many Canadians will be heading down to their cottages, parks, or just getting together for some BBQ. Whatever you do just be safe!

Think you know a lot about Canada? Then take the Toronto Star’s Canada Day quiz to test your knowledge?and let us know how you did!

The VOCAB Communications office will be closed on Canada Day and July 2nd.


Forbes 2013 Most Powerful Celebrities

Forbes Magazine released their yearly round up of the most powerful?celebrities in the world. This list is made up of artists, actors, directors and athletes. Forbes based their list on earnings over the last 12 months, how much the celebrity is mentioned in print and on TV, as well their internet presence.?For PR people this is a great way to see if your client is getting enough exposure in the media.?So it isn’t only about making money, it’s how much fame they have!?

Here is Forbes top 10 most powerful celebrities:

1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Lady Gaga
3. Steven Spielberg
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. Madonna
6. Taylor Swift
7. Bon Jovi
8. Roger Federer
9. Justin Bieber
10. Ellen DeGeneres

See if your favourite celebrity made Forbes 2013 most powerful celebrities list.


CN Tower Stands Tall for 37 Years!

imagePicture taken from Vintage Toronto.

Today marks 37 years for the CN Tower! The world’s tallest free-standing structure has been a symbol for Toronto and attracts thousands of visitors every month with over two million a year!

“My favourite memory of the CN Tower is walking on the glass floor. I was petrified of heights and that really freaked me out!” – Chrissy Newton, founder, VOCAB Communications.?

I remember as a kid when my family used to drive down to Toronto just for fun and every time the car passed by the CN Tower I would be mesmerized!?To this day I never get sick of looking at the CN Tower.

After talking to the VOCAB team we decided that we would all do the EdgeWalk one day. Taking our love for the CN Tower and Toronto to higher levels!?

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Honey Jam 2013 is looking for Canada’s Hottest Female Talents

Honey Jam Canada features a multicultural mix of young female talented artists from across Canada in all genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, country, opera, gospel, dancehall, soul, R&B and jazz.

Between the summer months of June and August, Honey Jam conducts a nation-wide search and showcase of Canada’s hottest emerging female talent. Founded in 1995 by President Ebonnie Rowe, for 18 years this non-profit also provides and advocates for educational and professional development opportunities through a variety of initiatives and programs and is a proud supporter of a female focused charities such as the YWCA.?

The famous Honey Jam alumni include, Nelly Furtado, Jully Black, Anjulie, Reema Major and many more.

For more information about Honey Jam 2013 check out the website.


The VOCAB Closet – Clothes at the Office

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A great example of changing your outfit from day to night

I came across this blog posted called, “The Office Stash: Clothes to Keep at Work” on the Trunk Club blog. If you’ve seen the show Mad Men then you’ll ?understand this post. Chicago men’s outfitters, Trunk Club, suggested that an employee should always keep the following clothes at his desk: white shirt, navy blazer and trousers, tie, shoe-shine kit. Exactly what the character Don Draper does in Mad Men.

While these were some great suggestions for men, I thought that Chrissy Newton, founder of VOCAB Communications, could give some suggestions for women to keep some essential items in the office.

Often in the world of public relations, you’ll be going to events, meeting clients for drinks in the evening, and attending red carpets with your client.

Here are Chrissy’s picks of clothing and accessories to keep at the office. These picks will help you look PRofessional and have you ready for those unexpected days!


A pair of beige high heels will match any of your outfits. You can’t go wrong with these.

Throw on a bold necklace to add some POW! to your outfit.

I love my Mereadesso tinted lip treats! It is my personal favourite lipstick and I always have it on me. Wearing the classic red lipstick will have you looking red carpet ready.

You have your everyday purse that carries your note pad, MacBook Air, personal items… basically your whole world. You should have a clutch bag at work which you can switch up at night. It’s small, looks cute, and won’t be an inconvenience at an event.

A classic black blazer can do no harm! I think this item speaks for itself.

Just like the black blazer, a black pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential and can be worn at different occasions. Since the skirt is plain, you can wear a coloured top to add some flare.

These items should help you out in those unexpected days at work where you don’t have enough time to get home and change. – Chrissy Newton

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National Splurge Day aka Treat Yo Self!

That’s right, apparently every June 18 is National Splurge Day! You work so hard day and night to earn that dough, so it’s only right that you have a day where you can freely buy anything you want.

Here is what the VOCAB Team would splurge on:


“After all the months of planning The VOCAB Lounge, I would buy a BMW Z4 Roadster and drive all my worries away with the top down!” – Chrissy Newton, founder, VOCAB Communications


“I would walk into Glory Hole Doughnuts and buy 10 dozen boxes of Glory Hole Doughnuts and eat them with my friend! Don’t judge me until you’ve looked and tasted heaven!” – Tushar Bharadia, PR intern, VOCAB Communications

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#TheVOCABLounge Tweets of the Night

imageThe VOCAB Lounge volunteers from Humber PR and Centennial College PR.

The fifth annual Art of Music Video and The VOCAB Lounge took place on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at King Blue and it was a blast! The place was packed with artists, actors, and media, and influencers.?

The official hashtag of the night was #AoMV5 (Art of Music Video) and #TheVOCABLounge.

Here’s what people had to say on #TheVOCABLounge:


Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30 – Nominate Chrissy Newton

Nominations are out for Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30 – please take 10 minutes to nominate Chrissy Newton, founder of VOCAB Communications!

Here is the?appropriate info you will need to nominate Chrissy Newton:

– Founder of VOCAB Communications
– 416.705.9523
– chrissy@vocabcommunications.com

Now all you have to do is go on?http://www.marketingmag.ca/microsite/30-under-30/home/?and fill in the boxes to nominate Chrissy. But hurry, because the deadline is Friday, June 21.